Week Two in Cape Town

Another week, another gloriously sunny week. Boston got what? One or two feet of snow? We got six solid days of sunshine. Mmmmmm.

Here are some highlights from this week: Continue reading

Our First Week in Cape Town

It’s been so fun to play tourists this week as we’re getting to know our new city–going out to explore while the rest of our American world is still sleeping. Both of us can hardly believe we’re here. I had a moment as I was going to sleep one night this week, where I thought suddenly: “I’m in Cape Town.” I turned over to tell Chas–he needed to know, too. Does he know? We’re in South Africa! It’s bizarre. Continue reading

On Driving in South Africa, Part I

Chas and I are not “car people.” We’re bad at it. We’re bad at driving them. We’re bad at having them. After our last car died less than a year into owning it, we decided that we would admit defeat and find other ways to get around (a scooter, public transportation, Zippers, our bikes, gracious friends…). And we’ve gotten along carless for the last 5 years pretty well.

But, Cape Town is a car city. Continue reading

An American in Istanbul

We’ve officially been expatriates for four days, and in that short time, Chas and I have visited an international hospital and police station. More on the police later.

When we bought our tickets from Boston to Cape Town, we set it up so that we’d have a few days’ layover in Istanbul to visit the city and slowly get used to South African time (7 hours ahead of Boston). After missing our original flight to Istanbul, Continue reading