Week Two in Cape Town

Another week, another gloriously sunny week. Boston got what? One or two feet of snow? We got six solid days of sunshine. Mmmmmm.

Here are some highlights from this week:

Settling in at our little flat

While we’ll only be at this place for three and a half months, our little apartment in Claremont has been a perfect spot to work, relax and set off from to explore the city. Our host and her family couldn’t be sweeter. Our favorite part is the little garden we’ve got in the back, where we spend most of our time.

man eating


 Hiking Lion’s Head

top of lion's head

I’m convinced Capetonians are way more fit than we are. Twice, people have said to us: “Oh, there are plenty of easy hikes. Try Lion’s Head for a quick one.” This hike was definitely easier than our previous one, but it was a real trek.

top of lion's head

At the top of Lion’s Head overlooking Clifton, where we headed to cool off after the hike.

Exploring the v & A Waterfront

Ferris Wheel

The Wheel of Excellence

We didn’t spend long at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront, but it’s a nice place to walk around and explore the little markets and shops. Definitely tourist central. We had heard American (or Canadian?) accents only one other time before this afternoon (this isn’t because we’re avoiding Americans, but because we don’t have any friends). But while walking around the Waterfront, we overheard North American accents probably four or five times. A little comforting, a little bit of a sign that there’s probably better places to explore.

table mountain picture frame

An afternoon in Muizenberg + Kalk Bay

We had a lovely beach day in Muizenberg, about a 25-minute drive from our place. Apparently, the water is warmer in False Bay…but to two people who grew up on on the balmy bathwater of South Carolina beaches, we’d have to disagree.

Muizenberg colored houses

We both went in for a little swim, and it is quite refreshing after your body goes numb. About a half-hour after we got out, they raised the white flag and sounded the shark siren, so that was…exciting.

shark spotting programme

Borrowed from Shark Spotters

We then headed down the coast a little ways to Kalk Bay, a quaint little fishing village, for some lunch and shopping. They have a row of cute little antique shops, book stores and local goods–my love language.


Cape Town seems to be a city of markets. It’s so fun! Friday night we headed to Range Market in Tokai for live music and drinks. The setting is beautiful and the weather was, again, grand.

field in cape town

View from the Range Market

range market cape town


range market cape town

And cheers!

And this morning, we dropped off our rental car after having another successful run-in with an inanimate object, and headed to The Neighbourgoods Market for second breakfast.

Neighbourgoods Market sign

waffle with chocolate and ice-cream


This place lived up to the hype. Seriously good local coffee, shops, and food. I would have taken more pictures, but I was too busy stuffing my face with that Belgium waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce, k?

It’s been another stellar week of proving that this new city of ours is pretty perfect minus one biggie: we’re in serious need of some friends! So, that’s the next thing on our agenda. But, how do you do that again?

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