kirstenbosch tree

On Seeing

Kirstenbosch Garden is full of surprises.

Table Mountain is not one of them. It’s impossible to miss, mammoth in size, towering over everything in the garden. This time, rather than focus all my attention on the mountain, I wanted to look a little closer at the garden itself. Not stick to the main path. Detour through the woods instead of the lawn. Walk under the boomslang canopy walkway instead of on it, with the rest of the crowd.

Look down and in and close instead of always up up up.

Sometimes I ended right where I started. And sometimes I found myself in an edible plants garden, or with sculptures, or on a braille trail where you learn to experience the garden with the rest of your senses. Those little finds makes Kirstenbosch worth visiting again and again.

kirstenbosch cactus

kirstenbosch flower

kirstenbosch trees

kirstenbosch tree

kirstenbosch flower

kirstenbosch sculpture

kirstenbosch canopy walkway

kirstenbosch flowers


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