cape point

Parents in Cape Town

After our incredible safari in Greater Kruger a couple of weeks ago, my parents came back with us to Cape Town for a few days. It wasn’t waking up at dawn to go on a bush drive, but we did do our own city safari from the back of a Hop On, Hop Off bus, which is basically the same.

cape town hop on, hop off bus

cape town hop on, hop off bus

We also took the aerial cableway up to the top of Table Mountain, which Chas and I have been wanting to do ever since our first attempt didn’t work out.

table mountain

It was a perfect, clear day to spend an afternoon at the top.

table mountain

We trekked down to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, stopping first at Boulders Beach to watch the penguins.

boulder beach


We only saw one baboon the entire trip—what the what? Did they all die in the fire? (too soon?)


cape point

cape point

chapman’s peak drive

And we rounded out the day trip with a drive over Chapman’s Peak, which is a must-do if you’re visiting. It was such a fun week to have our very first visitors in Cape Town. We loved getting to play tour guides, since we’ve been the tourists since we got here. Basically, we recreated our first week in Cape Town, spent as much time as we could outside in the Cape sun, and threw in visits to some of our very favorite restaurants and beaches. Most memorable moments were probably dinner with our host and her friends in the garden (where we heard just how much some people hate the British), and letting my dad drive Lumpy.

So who’s next? We’re off tomorrow for a weekend in Namibia, and then leaving next Thursday for a couple of weeks back in the States. Can’t believe it’s been 3 months already!

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