Exploring Cederberg

This weekend, we made a last-minute decision to hit the road and explore the Cederberg Wilderness Area about 300 km north of Cape Town. The area is famous for its mountains and dramatic rock formations, and we spent 3 and a half hours on the road to Enjo Nature Farm, where we stayed for the weekend.


Our little chalet at Enjo Nature Farm

The farm houses goats, dogs, sheep, cats, and three cheeky horses that would come by in the morning, stick their heads in our front door and wait for a snack.


We spent Saturday hiking the beautiful Krakadouw Peak trail in the Cederberg, which offered awesome views of the Cederberg mountain range and lots of good rock climbing (some of which should definitely not have been attempted).




Spot the Chas.

At night, we made campfires and tried to coax the farm cats into our chalet. They like potato chips, we learned.

The Cederberg is also famous for rock art made by the San bush people, some of it possibly thousands of years old. We spent Sunday hiking to the nine different spots where rock art has been found. It was pretty impressive to see.





We’re lucky to have our friend Micah staying with us for a month here in Cape Town, and we’ll all be setting off next week for a 10-day road trip through Botswana and Zambia. We’ll be driving, sleeping, eating, using the toilet and showering all from the comfort of our 4×4. We might kill each other if the lions don’t get to us first.

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