chobe national park

Botswana/Zambia Diaries, Day 6

After listening to something scrounging around in our trash all night, we wake up early to get out of Chobe National Park. It’s not that Chobe hasn’t been beautiful, but our time here has been surprisingly difficult: too expensive and too crowded to stay, too difficult to drive, and our game drives through this area of the park have been relatively empty.

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baboon in moremi

Botswana/Zambia Diaries, Day 4

Our plan to wake up early and spot a big cat proves successful—five minutes into our 6:00am game drive sans coffee (“STOOOOVEEETOOOPPPS,” we yell, shaking our fists at the sky), we spot a lioness lounging in the tall grass inside the Xakanaxa campsite. She’s beautiful and BIG, and not too interested in sticking around. We attempt to take some pictures, which don’t really turn out, but alas—we saw her. Waking up early worked! And she was in our camp.

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safari in moremi

Botswana/Zambia Diaries, Day 3

We start our second day in the Moremi Game Reserve cooking the seven eggs that (in no small feat) survived the great egg explosion of the day before. Little fighters. Our camp is different than we remember from the night before—so much easier to navigate by day. The ablution facilities have showers. Vervet monkeys hang around everywhere. I even spot one in the rafters above me as I’m using the toilet. We’ve all slept well, despite the noises and the vivid dreams caused by our malaria medicine. Micah swears the serval we spotted on our drive the night before snuck into his tent while he was sleeping and bit his foot. Continue reading