kruger safari elephants

Kruger in October

We had three terrific days in Kruger National Park on safari with Chas’s parents. October is a great time to visit Kruger, and this one was especially good as the rainy season hasn’t yet started, there is almost no risk of malaria, and there are lots and lots of baby animals!

Below are some pictures from our trip. With game drives in the early mornings and afternoons, our trip highlights included seeing THREE leopards in one day (of course I forget my camera battery that drive), two great lion and lion cub sightings, finally spotting a rhinoceros, an incredible sunset on a bridge surrounded by elephants, giraffe, hippos, crocodiles, birds and baboons, and the one-man show we witnessed from our safari guide/chef/driver. Seriously—the guy did everything!

kruger safari giraffe

kruger safari lion nursing lion cubs

Early morning watching a lioness and her three cubs nursing.

kruger safari lion and lion cubs

kruger safari

kruger safari vervet monkey

kruger safari impala

kruger safari hyena

kruger safari giraffes

kruger safari giraffes and zebras

kruger safari breakfast

Brunch courtesy of our safari guide, Simon.

kruger safari zebra

kruger safari rhino

kruger safari elephants

kruger safari


Perhaps one of the best moments of the trip—coming upon a small group of lions, two of which were on their “honeymoon.” Did you know that when in heat, a pair of lions will mate every 30 minutes or so for 2-3 days?! The lioness here began flirting with the male (seriously, so cute) by patting at him and nuzzling him, until he got up and they walked away to do their business. Then, it was back to lying down until another half hour passed.

kruger safari lion

kruger safari

kruger safari elephant

kruger safari elephants

kruger safari baboon and baby

kruger safari zebra

And finally, for good measure, a great picture of a zebra smiling as he pees.

P.S. A sad update on increases in rhino poaching in Kruger Park.


12 thoughts on “Kruger in October

  1. jfant1 says:

    Yes. Your photos are so much better than mine! Glad you gave us a copy. I still can’t believe we I traveled across country. And had an awesome time with you guys as our guides in Cape Town and South Africa. Thanks again for everything!
    Love, Jill

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