paragliding cape town

Paragliding in Cape Town

When we were phoned that paragliding would be on because of a “wind shadow,” we raced up Signal Hill to make our scheduled booking in time. Ten minutes later we were running off the side of it. Just like that.

Myself, Chas and Chas’s dad, Charles, paraglid (paraglided? paraglode?) on a sunny Sunday afternoon just hours before Chas’s parents had to catch a flight back to the States. What a way to end the week with them!

paragliding cape town

The guy taking off in front of me totally wiped out, so the pressure was on. My pilot said, “That was complete rubbish. Don’t do that.”

paragliding cape town

You do feel (and look) a bit like a huge baby up there, as you’re literally being cradled by your pilot.

paragliding cape town

paragliding cape town

How great is my pilot’s face?

cape town paragliding

paragliding cape town

We all had smooth landings, minus the fact that myself and a whole crew of children were almost taken out by Charles and his pilot.

paragliding cape town

paragliding cape town

Don’t leave him hanging, Chas.

paragliding cape town

I highly recommend paragliding in Cape Town if you can swing it. We went with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding, and they were safe, experienced, and terrific people.

Not only does paragliding provide incredible views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Sea Point and the ocean, but it’s both exhilarating and totally calming. I’m terrified of heights, and never once felt scared. I think I felt that way because it all happens so quickly. In one moment, your pilot asks you if you’re ok with running when he or she says “run,” and in the next, they’re saying “OK RUN!”

Our morning paragliding really was the best way to finish out a fantastic week with Chas’s parents, who were so awesome to come visit us in Cape Town. Come back soon, guys! There’s so much more to do!

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cape town

3 thoughts on “Paragliding in Cape Town

  1. jfant says:

    Wow! I feel like I just went with each of you on your paragliding expedition! Thanks for the terrific blog you put together Amy. How you and Chas did such an awesome job of videoing while in flight is amazing to me! So proud of all of you, and glad to have such a bonding experience on our last day. Not much can top that!

    Liked by 1 person

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