Hiking Cape Town: Hoerikwaggo Trail from Bokkemanskloof to East Fort

This was a special hike, as we were celebrating our one-year anniversary of moving to Cape Town, and also because the hike itself started from our house!

The Hoerikwaggo Trail is a 4-5 day trek that takes hikers from the tip of Cape Point to the city of Cape Town, or the reverse. There are a series of huts and camps to stay in along the way, but parts of the trail have been closed since last March’s fire. We weren’t positive that this part of the trail was technically opened, either, but decided we’d take our chances. Unfortunately, we didn’t see another soul on the trail…which makes me think it’s still closed for revegetation. Whoops. Sorry, fynbos.



We hiked the Bokkemanskloof trail from Hout Bay Avenue, which starts just across the street from our house. At the top, it meets up with the Hoerikwaggo Trail. After a few missteps, we found the trail before continuing it near Vlakkenberg and rounding the corner that opens up over the Hout Bay Harbor.


Terrific view approaching Hout Bay Harbor and the Sentinel


The trail itself was stunning, but odd. While wildlife is certainly growing again, the majority of the fynbos was still black or just gone altogether.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.43.52 AM

Looking back over Chapman’s Peak

Our original goal when we set out on the trail was to end up at a series of abandoned mines, which we read were mined for manganese in the early 20th century. We didn’t have much luck finding the mines.



We zigzagged down the trail to Chapman’s Peak Drive and East Fort—an old gun battery (interesting article on why it was built here). It was very hot, and we decided we would rather not walk back. One of the best parts of hiking the mountains behind our house is that they’re right behind our house. We were able to grab a quick Uber ride home, which meant we got to swap the return trip of the hike for some naps and wine tasting. Not bad for a Saturday!


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