wally’s cave, cape town

Hiking Cape Town: Wally’s Cave

We’d been eyeing Instagram photos of Wally’s Cave for a few months when we finally decided to track it down on the slope of Lion’s Head. We had tried to find it before, but without a clear idea of where to veer from the path towards the cave, you’d never know it was there.

We followed someone’s brief directions, which proved that getting there was a bit more difficult than trekking down. A helpful couple joined us, and when the trail split multiple times, they went one way and we went the other, promising to yell if we found it.

Wally’s Cave provides the perfect picture op with the front table of Table Mountain in the background. The scenery around the cave is beautiful too, looking out over the Twelve Apostles and the Atlantic Seaboard. Here are a few pictures if you’d like to see…

wally’s cave, lion’s head

wally’s cave, lion’s head

wally’s cave, lion’s head

wally’s cave, lion’s head

The man taking our picture kept telling us to “Pose, pose!” which clearly Chas obeyed and I did not.

wally’s cave, lion’s head

wally’s cave, lion’s head


P.S. If you’re looking for Wally’s Cave like we were, you’ve got two options. At the first ladder, veery off the path to your left and follow it around Lion’s Head until you see another path further below you. Follow that path until you see yet another path below you. Follow that path. That’s the one that will take you to Wally’s Cave.

Or, you can look for a secret trail on your right while you’re still near the beginning of walking Lion’s Head. It’s off of the red dirt path before the paragliding take-off point. It’s very hard to see (be on the lookout for people descending), but if you can find it, it’s simple to follow with a series of steps up to the trail to Wally’s Cave.

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