kloof corner, table mountain

Hiking Cape Town: Kloof Corner

One of our last hikes in Cape Town brought us up the front of Table Mountain to Kloof Corner. We ascended from the last hairpin curve driving up to the lower cable station, and descended via the India Venster trail. It was pretty exciting to be hiking right beneath the cable cars as they went up and down the mountain. The people waved; we waved. No one dropped anything on us, which was good.

The hike is fairly short—about 45 minutes until you reach the “summit,” which is only about a third of the way up Table Mountain. The views are incredible. You’re right on the edge of the mountain, and looking out to the Twelve Apostles and over Camps Bay, Lion’s Head and the Atlantic Seaboard.

Kloof Corner, Cape Town

Kloof Corner, Cape Town

It was a bit more strenuous than we originally thought, but in a good way for such a short hike. Reviews called this hike “easy,” “leisurely,” or “maybe not even classified as a hike.” It was definitely steep! Typical Capetonians.


Table Mountain

Kloof Corner, Cape Town

Hiya, Chas!

Kloof Corner, Cape Town


Looking out over the Twelve Apostles and the Atlantic Seaboard. Love this city!


Table Mountain

Hiking back down via a contour path and the very beginning of the India Venster trail.

In my opinion, the best way to wrap up an afternoon of hiking is a cheese board lunch at Tamboerswinkel and a nap on the beach. Ach Cape Town, why do you have to be so hard to leave?!

Clifton 3rd Beach, Cape Town

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