Goodbye, Cape Town!

Cape Town has been so good to us for the last year and some months. Since I’m feeling a little weepy saying goodbye to such an amazing city and such wonderful people, I’m signing off with a collage of some of my favorite memories from our life in Cape Town.  Continue reading

kloof corner, table mountain

Hiking Cape Town: Kloof Corner

One of our last hikes in Cape Town brought us up the front of Table Mountain to Kloof Corner. We ascended from the last hairpin curve driving up to the lower cable station, and descended via the India Venster trail. It was pretty exciting to be hiking right beneath the cable cars as they went up and down the mountain. The people waved; we waved. No one dropped anything on us, which was good. Continue reading

A Day in Photos

T-minus one and a half weeks until we have to leave our favorite city for the States. Right now, that idea seems silly. It sure doesn’t feel like we’re leaving Cape Town. Maybe because the rest of our big moves have involved lots of packing, lots of planning, lots of stress…and without all of that, this move doesn’t feel so real.  Continue reading