kloof corner, table mountain

Hiking Cape Town: Kloof Corner

One of our last hikes in Cape Town brought us up the front of Table Mountain to Kloof Corner. We ascended from the last hairpin curve driving up to the lower cable station, and descended via the India Venster trail. It was pretty exciting to be hiking right beneath the cable cars as they went up and down the mountain. The people waved; we waved. No one dropped anything on us, which was good. Continue reading

wally’s cave, cape town

Hiking Cape Town: Wally’s Cave

We’d been eyeing Instagram photos of Wally’s Cave for a few months when we finally decided to track it down on the slope of Lion’s Head. We had tried to find it before, but without a clear idea of where to veer from the path towards the cave, you’d never know it was there. Continue reading

devil’s peak, cape town

Hiking Cape Town: Devil’s Peak

The urban legend goes that Jan van Hunks, a Dutchman who lived at the foot of Table Mountain, found himself in a pipe-smoking competition with a local stranger. And though van Hunks won the competition (a talented pipe smoker), the stranger turned out to be the Devil. van Hunks had smoked so much that the smoke eventually covered the entire mountain, thus explaining the “table cloth” that often covers Table Mountain. And the devil? Well thus, the name “Devil’s Peak.”

Continue reading